Modular Request June 2020

So you're looking for modulars? I'm a huge fan of modulars myself and a new trend that is happening now is stolen MOC designs.  It's unfortunate but it's happening.  I have spoken about this many times and most of you are aware and have been very supportive by purchasing the original design and then buying the set from these various brands.  

Now just a reminder these sets are selling EVERYWHERE, so it's going to be hard to really stop it. 

For myself I have been doing the same, knowing as long as I support the designers then I can do what I want.  Many of you have email and enquired about purchasing these sets from us, so rather than publicly selling them I have decided to make this page.  

For now I will update this page and let you guys know what is out there in case you are not aware.

Many of you have insisted to purchase from us, so now I give you that option if you really want to buy them.  I have good faith that you'll still purchase the manual at some point.  I may take down this page over time or we may stop selling them at any given time.

I will leave the decision up to you, but if you really want any please email Ida below for enquiries.

Please support the designers with these sets that are available:

Chanel House:

Corner Post Office:

The Botanical Garden

Antique Shop:

At this time I cannot find the original designer 

The Car Wash (these are free to support since they're taken from Ideas)

The pier (add on to fishing store)

Mould King Sky Castle 16015:

Urge Joker Park 10181:

Urge Hotel 10182:

Lej 10002 Cafe Corner:

 Legj 10003 Ice Cream Shop:

Urge Friend Apartment 10189:

Panlos Sanctum Sanctorum 613001:
The Bike Shop 10004: