About Us

Scott Hui is a director filmmaker who suddenly lost his hearing back in May 2017.  Already being deaf in one ear, he had no choice but to stop all his work and see countless of doctors searching for a cure.  After 4 months the some of the hearing eventually came back but he was left with a constant ringing in the ears.  There is no cure for this condition known as tinnitus.  Scottie decided to pick up a LEGO® set and build and just like that, it became a type of therapy to soothe his hearing and the building has not stopped until now.  Then in December of 2017, he used all his gear to his advantage and started a youtube channel reviewing sets from the original brand and other third party brands.  Now many fans have requested for him to be a seller and here it is!  This online shop is just for you, run by his wife Ida, Scott will continue to review and sell on this online store.   Not a bad story right?  This is Scottie actually writing this out. I'm doing this just for you to bring happiness and sets you may not have heard of.  So enjoy the site and please do email if you're looking for something that's not here. We'll find it for you!!  All the best,  Scottie