I used to buy my alternative bricks via Lazada or Shopee, which are the 2 major online shopping platforms in my area.  I found it stressful especially when the seller wasn't very communicative.  So BMUS was a breath of fresh air for me given Ms. Ida is excellent at always kept me up-to-date via WhatsApp.  There were a few times she went the extra mile to find sets I was looking for.  They send my stuff via HK Post so the tracking numbers are also helpful in keeping me at ease.

Yes, I can probably find the same sets slightly cheaper elsewhere but I prefer a little extra security and touch of customer service in my online purchases - moreso when it comes to my brick addiction!  The personal notes and small gifts that Scottie stuffs into the box are also always welcome!
More power to BMUS, Ida and Scottie!
Benedict - Philippines

My Laputa castle in the sky set arrived in pristine condition! BrickMeUpScottie's service and dedicated staff was amazing! Ida helped me out with any questions i asked and didnt hesitate to answer me almost instantly. The set arrived safely to my boyfriend in Switzerland in a very short time period with no damages to it whatsoever, it was also packaged extremely well with a lot of care. I only trust BrickMeUpScottie with online brick orders and I will gladly do business with them again, they definitely earned themselves a return customer!

Jason - Switzerland

It is easy finding brick sets online. What's not easy to find is people that care that are behind those online stores. That is where BrickMeUpScottie shines. That is where the User Experience is just simply the best. Like all businesses the purpose is to make money and I'm sure it is no different from BrickMeUpScottie but I would go as far as to say that for BrickMeUpScottie the service is as important if not more than the economical success of their business. Brick sets, to them and to us, are not just a product; they are a hobby, a passion and a source of fun and it clearly shows in their service.

On top of that, here are a few key points that make me always go back to BrickMeUpScottie; 

Unlike much larger online stores, they accept Paypal

Unlike much larger online stores, they ship very fast. It's not a matter of months before you get your set.

Unlike much larger online stores, they communicate personally with you.

Unlike much larger online stores, they can get more sets than what's on their website; you just have to ask!

For as long as there are brick sets, BrickMeUpScottie will have me as a happy customer :)

Pierre - Canada

I'd been watching the Barnes and Noble set for year. And all of the sudden they were all gone. Everywhere. I reached out to Scotty and they had one. I paid extra for shipping and it arrived in less than a week. It was worth every penny. Scotty and Ida were a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to working with you again. 
Brick me up!!!
Mason - Kentucky USA
One day I decided to return to my old passion for building bricks and started searching on the net for new sets that could suit my tastes. 
Being an Asia-lover (and in particular an old time Japan-Lover) I found Scottie's website and YouTube channel because of the detailed reviews of Japanese-themed sets.
His wife Ida followed every step of the order helping me until the package arrived at my home (I placed the order during the Covid pandemic so the shipping was not easy).
I'm a very happy customer: BrickmeupScottie has many sets (that you can see on YouTube before buying), good prices and excellent post-selling service!
On top of that I'm very happy to support a small family-run webshop of people that love this hobby instead of some big soulless import-export company.
Jacopo - Italy

I've ordered many products over the past year and never had an issue in regards to shipping.  Yes it can take a few days to process and post an order due to seeking the items from their supplier which is completely understandable.  In my experience if in stock, it'll ship within hours.  Standard HK Post express shipping is very good, on average it would get to me in Australia in a week, sometimes earlier and always arrives in excellent condition.  This family run business offers an excellent shopping experience, excellent customer service, Ida especially goes the extra mile to source products that aren't on their store that people request.  I highly recommend subscribing to their Brick Me Up Scottie's YouTube channel to Scottie's informative, honest and entertaining reviews on the products they sell.
I highly recommend this store without hesitation to others that appreciate customer service which is important to me, it's not always pricing, I get that feeling of being part of their family, a very honest and trustworthy business.  Pricing however is very good, particularly the Chinese branded sets, the larger sets tend to be cheaper than sellers on AliExpress but tends to even out when you add the shipping cost, with the added piece of mind of tracking, faster shipping and additional after sales support in regards with any missing pieces.  Most importantly excellent communication which with other sellers can be non existent. 

- Nathan, Australia.


BrickMeUpScottie is my preferred store for ordering brick sets from Asia. This is a small, family run business. The owners will go out of their way to get the set you request, if it’s not already listed in their current stock.  Ida Hui is especially nice & friendly and always answers your email correspondence. She will even calculate out different shipping methods if you ask her. Their store offers access to brick sets that AliExpress does not. For example, they are official sellers for Oxford Blocks, an absolutely brilliant brick company in S. Korea that has product licenses for recognizable brands in America, Japan, Korea, etc. So the Oxford Blocks sets has real company logos that are legit. They also sell Royal Toys, a company based in Hong Kong that sells accurate and unique brick sets of things you might see if you lived or traveled to Hong Kong, such as taxis, magazine stands, ice cream trucks, etc. (So far, I haven’t seen either of these brands on AliExpress.) Scottie also has a good relationship with the Hong Kong LEGO® store and promotes LEGO® sets, too, if that matters to you. Also, since I started ordering sets from BrickMeUpScottie I never worry anymore about whether or not I will actually receive the set I paid for. This store is reliable and if you ever have missing bricks or stickers, just email them and Ida will make sure to mail them to you. (Scottie also includes a personal thank you note and fun little freebie brick items with your order!) I also like that if Scottie has done a review of a set on YouTube, he includes it on the store’s product page to help you decide if it’s one you really want to buy. He will even take requests and suggestions from his subscribers on sets they would like him to review. In fact, if you haven’t ordered from this store and are wondering if you should take a chance, I suggest that you visit his BrickMeUpScottie YouTube channel to see what he is like and get a sense of his humor and personality. He also takes the time to interact with his viewers and responds to comments. That’s what I did before ordering from the BrickMeUpScottie store. In short, I’ve found that Scottie and Ida are legit, trustworthy, and so is their store! (And, no, I was not paid or recompensed to write this review. I like many brick sets that Asia produces, but finding that trustworthy store to buy from in America isn’t easy. I found this one is 100% reliable and wanted to pass that info on to other brick fans.) 

- Hazel, Texas USA.


I was frustrated with getting scammed by sellers on Ebay and Amazon. Found Scottie's first videos and was like, this guy seems cool I can relate. Told him about my struggles and he told me how he was thinking about selling to watchers. So I put an order together and have never looked back. The prices are very competitive. I find the numbers are the same if not sometimes better than what I can find on Ebay. Remember those cheaper sets you find there may be a scam that never arrive. With Scott and Ida you never have to worry about that. I have purchased 3 times from them, most times it arrives in about 1 week (To Canada). Sometimes a little longer all depending on shipping. Of course packages show up undamaged and each order you can tell the care and effort they take into packing the sets. Awesome part too is there is usually a little surprise/gift in there for you. Stickers/Blocks with Scottie logo. And with ordering Ida and Scott work very hard to answer all my questions even when I am not sure and just trying to make a decision. I LOVE this store and the team behind it and I look forward to continue buying my alternative LEGO® brands here.

- Tyler, Canada. 


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