BMUS Blog #1

What's up everybody and welcome to the world of BMUS!  Not really, it's just me Scottie.  Why the blog? I figured with the site growing so much now and sets are coming out almost daily, there's no way I can keep up.  You can clearly see how much sets I have in the office lol. 

Doing a blog maybe every few days or weekly means I can update my thoughts on what's happening in the alternative brick world (locally) and discuss sets I may not normally talk about.  I'll share my feelings on pre-sale or upcoming sets and maybe if you have more questions I can dive into more details with pics, whether that's doing comparisons for bricks or figures. 

Anyway, this just a start.  Hello to all of you and please leave a comment and let me know if this is what you'd like to see added on my store page.  I look forward to some fun times! 

Brick Me Out...errr Up? Lol 

 Replies to your comments:

Chris - Let me work on a list for you, tbh there hasn't been many new releases but most that have come out are not approved designs. Still more than happy to let you know what's avail.  

Sherri - Yes please. I need help. Too many loose pieces all over my office too!!

Trent - I shall work on more blogs soon!

Nathan - A lot are boxed up.  I'm thinking just keeping the OG Lego ones in one corner and the current sets in another, but every year I'll replace those current ones with even more current ones lol.  Then I have to get rid of most so that I can make room.

Pat - hahaha I am my own sales man.  I have so much fun just reviewing sets I never thought about being a sales man, but I have hurt many wallets over the past few years including my own. 


  • Man, you’ve come a long way since the humble beginning just a few years ago. I am very impressed and very happy for your success!

    John Jones
  • Just put together Lego’s Jazz Quartet and will get OhSoJang’s Modern Villa this coming Thursday. Can’t wait to build it! I love his designs and your videos about them. (My husband says you’re a very good salesman since we have so many sets from BMUS!) Thank you for making brick building so much fun.

  • Testing 1 2, I think it’s working haha 😂! Wow! Your city is going to be massive with all those modulars collected over the years!

    Nathan Speed
  • Seems like a great idea, especially with how time intensive video creation is! Looking forward to more

    Trent B
  • Love the blog! Love your display shelves! If I moved to Hong Kong I’d volunteer to help in your store! 😁

    Sherri Wood

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