BMUS Blog #3 - Checking out upcoming sets!

Alright!  Finally let's check out what's about to go on the store and what's coming soon.  Omg it took me so long to figure out how to get multiple images on the blog, sorry for the delay lol.

Just fyi it takes ages to update the store especially when it's just run by the two of us (Ida and I), but if you ever see a set not listed you're always welcome to inform us and if you do order we'll almost immediately add them to the new arrivals. 

Some of these may not even be out yet, but who cares let's have some fun.

Ahhh finally something new from Sembo, the halloween sets.  I personally prefer big nice sets, but lots of you like these smaller ones.  It seems they're changing up the figs to look quite different, maybe the copyright stuff has finally caught up with them.  I'm curious more about the figs than the sets themselves. I do like how some have glow in the dark bricks and for me I'd def go for the coaster and the latern...but no worries I'll review them all at once for the video...when they do arrive.

Next up is the Decool Nissan, wow very cool. I'm not even a car guy, but I love the details on this one. I think I'm gonna have to review it. 

These are from a brand called Jaki. I've only done a few of their sets but these jets look really good.  After building the Moscow defense set (check out the pic below the jets) I quite enjoyed the jet build from that set, so yes I'll def look into the Jaki ones.

These Sembo street city builds look cute, but I probably won't get into them. I have some older model ones in the office.  They are perfectly fine, but there's really so much more to build...unless you think I should look into a few of them for a review?  They should be fast to review since they are small. Lol.

Cada has released this Trex ride, which is perfect for my son lol.  I have a smile on my face while putting these pics up.


Wange is about to release a few more architecture sets and some upcoming ones that look really good.  They aren't the best but I still enjoy their builds.

This one below looks incredible but no word on release date yet. Wange 7213


I just put up the new Royal Toys train.  Looks fun.  I shall try to review it soon with their other smaller sets.

Ok here's a couple more for today. I'll post more soon.  

Looks like Funwhole is back with more sets. This is an upcoming seaside lodge that looks great..but I doubt it has a backside.

OMG I saw this announced Dior modular and almost lost it. However, it's an unknown brand and not sure if it will ever release. If it does, you can bet day 1. Does anybody know if it's a stolen moc? Lol

Have you guys watched my TOP TOY review, here's another cute little set coming soon. Looks adorable. 


Ummm, while I am just finished with the last set from Pangu, this is from another brand, but Sean has told me this one is a no no for now. Even though it's just a station I personally think it looks really good, but this could just very well be vaporware. 

Looks like Letz Play has loads more collaboration sets coming out with Mork.  Interesting, they brought back the blue shingles heh.

 Alright, that's enough teasing for now.  I'm getting bombarded daily with new sets and announcements.  I'll start using this space to share my excitement with you guys.  

Thanks for all the comments and emails too. See you next blog!  

Nathan - Totally agree on the Datsun even though I'm not a car guy lol.

Ben - My kid will love the trex one hahah 


  • Just started the Dior build. So far I’ve been able to keep up even though the bagging system is odd. I’m starting on bags 3 & 4 (which is really only one bag). There was no warning in the manual, only in the fact that I ran out of pieces. So, yeah, hello, builder, now let’s open the next bag. Other than that so far, it’s been pretty straight forward as a build. Can’t wait to see how it looks when I’m finished.

  • Hi Scottie,
    Just finished the Royal Toys MTR train. (Thanks for quick posting btw!) Not sure how I feel about it…
    The good.
    It looks very cool. Very recognisable and good size.
    Simple to build (caveat below!!) Quite quick and some clever techniques – the doors are cool, the lighting is good and several bricks to keep the wires tidy. Also liked that the grab rails are secure and sturdy, something which drove me mad on the tram where thet would just fall off if you so much as breathed on them. Lot of stickers but generally easy to place down and only a few going across pieces and they do add to look – so I would advice to use them (although I question when the instructions sometimes tell you to apply them as don’t think its always the best time)
    The bad.
    The sliding doors fall off. There is some sort of transparent plastic I think you are supposed to apply to stop this happening but I have no idea how you put this on or how to peel it off to apply it. To be fair this might be me being thick.
    The roof doesn’t fit right. Two issues here. I thi k this comes down partly maybe to having not quite so good tolerances as lego but because it’s so long when building the base of the tram it will bend. When it comes to put the roof on it doesn’t fit as a result. The roof is effectively too long. Trying to force it and it just pops off and bits of roof going flying everywhere. They obviously know there is a problem as there are additional instruction sheets on how to strengthen the roof but this still doesn’t really help. I basically tried taking it apart again and being really careful about how to put it together and still couldn’t get it to work. Partial solution I ended up going with is replace a 2×8 grey studded plate that sits at the back of the train with smooth flat plates from the spares box. This way the roof can sit slightly proud of the rest of train and visually it looks fine. You can’t tell its a bit too long and most importantly the roof can then sit pretty much flat and not be and explode pieces everywhere.

    Ultimately it looks really cool, and if they do more MTR stuff I’d look to get it but I will probably wait next time to see if they have solved that issue.

  • Love the Sembo sets! They kind of have a 60’s H’ween vibe to it lol

  • Love the Wange sets! I have some of those Halloween sets coming soon, so I’ll let you know how they are! My nephew would love the T-Rex ride, omg it’s cute! And that Dior store….wow that’s really cool! Can’t wait to see that one!

  • Love to know if that Dior store is real …


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