BMUS Blog #4 - We gotta talk about this mechanical bulldog

Update, here's the video review of the now hard to find set:


I see a lot of sets that come and go but there are a few that catch my attention.  I saw this pre-released a while ago and went I gotta have it. I have a bulldog, but always wanted a Frenchie.  The first thing I thought of was wow, they made this look like a Ferrari haha.  Here's some snaps of it:

So Cute yet mech like. 

Nice profile jump lol.


Looks like it has some posable features.

What a nice ass. 

Might as well show you the box render cause it's probably the best without getting destroyed lol.

What do I think? I'm not sure yet, but I have the physical one at home still bagged up.  

So why isn't this on the store yet? We were told by DK (same brand doing all the brick swords) that this specific model is not allowed to be sold online, anywhere.  I'm sure many sellers probably don't care and I don't see what the issue is.  Maybe it's copyright? Maybe it's exclusiveness. 

However, they never said privately lol. So if you want one just email ida on the store and ask away.  I'll be back with a review on this one! 


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  • It could be copyright issues, with the Georgia Bulldogs, here in the US? Their colors are red and white, and their mascot is iconic. But the set is kinda cute!! Hey, I’d much rather buy the new Keepley Naruto Street Scene sets!!! Love those!

    Sherri Wood

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