BMUS Blog #5 - Updates, life and all that jazz.

What's up everybody?  As you can see I hardly have time to even blog let alone catch up with all the videos lately.  I had a nice holiday trip with my family, but it's back into full gear with Chris to work on BMUS!

Third party brands are really exploding and there's just too many to list on the store which is good and bad.  Bad, we just need a little time to update the store and it's nearly impossible to keep track of all the sets.  The good news is you can always request via email or social media and if we can we'll put it up.  

The other challenge with the store is having our one and only Ida, who does all the backend of the store, accounts, emails with you and discussions with suppliers and brands, has to always keep up and see if we can even get products on the store. 

A lot of new brands are getting popular quite quick and some will are very specific how we sell or have some type of demands.  Some even aren't allowed to sell sets overseas (due to licensing issues), but lucky for us, we always try to find a way to get them. 

With all that's going on the store is still going pretty good.  Some months better than others and I always see old customers leave and new ones come.  The same applies to my youtube channel too. People come and go which is bittersweet but I'm glad at the moment right now in 2023 I'm still here and still going strong. 

For those that don't know, the store is made purely for the fans of all brick lovers and yes even Lego lovers (many of you don't see or know).  Maintaining and running the store is a whole 'nother level. 

So now for some updates on the store. If you haven't please do check out my other store dedicated to toys...I'm sure you know it but if you don't here is the store:

Right now we're beginning to migrate and shift the product pages over to BMUS. Why? It's just much easier to manage, but I have to be clear and not merge bricks with toys, so I will be making different categories and try to be clear about it all. 

The Re-ment miniature toys sell quite well but mostly on our bmus page lol. Here's some pic of our current toy line up. 

For the next update I have been working more on the second hand sets. Check out these piles!!


There are maybe 20-30 more that will go up soon. It's quite a bit of work to organize that section and physically as well as all the sets I have to dismantle and find the manuals.  It doesn't help that some may have minor missing pieces...which are floating somewhere in the office.  Most sets I have reviewed are the ones I will put up so if you do want any just check with us immediately.  Unfortunately, you'll still have to pay for shipping but the sets will be cheap (I highly suggest adding to current new orders to save even more).

Second hand sets currently on the store:

I will add a new section very soon called NOS (New Old Sets).  Our office does have lots of physical stock and over the years we have gotten sets that haven't been put up on the store or listed. Some questionable ones as well (we were quite new when we first started so either one of us had any idea at the time).  So now it's time to unload them on the store for a discounted price *remember these are brand new still in their bags.  I'll explain more later but we will try to sell off the remaining sets so we can operate and add more into the office. Some sets we still have multiples of, so get them while you can!

Now for the youtube update channel. 

I'm back and trying to stay up to date constantly bringing out reviews when I can. There are so many other good channels which I'm sure you have seen that do excellent reviews. It's really great to see them and now you'll have more opinions and feedback on sets I don't have time to do.  I will continue to bring as much as I can and yes I will def start the live stream very soon. I know I keep saying that, trust me it's coming. 

That's it for now. A big thank you to all the customers and supporters.  If you're still not sure about our site and how we work just get in touch. We always help those that are in need (just don't ask for manuals and instructions please) lol.  

For fun the most popular selling sets right now on our store are:

Loz Dim Sum:

Oxford Block the Last Supper:

Loz Hong Kong Street Houses:

Area - X Dragon:

Lots and lots of snoopys! Seriously, who's posting them on social?:

Finally the Wangao Bears are picking up, more are coming out soon!:

Alright! There you have it. Have a great week and I'll be posting more blogs often. Do comment and let me know what you would like to know and let's discuss! 



  • How do you build the green coffee cart shop for the creative street view set

  • Thanks for your hard work on this…also to Ida and the rest of your Team ! I found your Shop yesterday, I really like what I see, there is a lot to see and discover…
    My first order is out :-). You have so great product, for us (parents) and our little one.

  • Thanks for your latest blog update. I’m looking forward to the NOS section of your store. Keep up the great work. Long live BMUS.

    Anthony B

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