The 2024 Updated BMUS Blog! Lot's n lots of shorts. #6

First of all, I'm really bad at blogging lol.

Second of all, the store is still very active so a big thank you to YOU!  Ya'll are amazing, for reals. Having you guys buy on our store really means a lot, it helps us keep the business going and able to keep up with more video reviews. 

Personally it's been a very busy last few months, but now we're full swing into the store and youtube channel again.  It's been really interesting to see how the market is shifting and how customers come and go and even my's all so bittersweet but I welcome all new and old!!

Chris (who works in my office) and I have come up with a better more refreshed idea for shooting videos while retaining the quality.  We are now moving a lot faster and packing all the orders. 

We even managed to clean up the office!  Check out the before and after haha:

New brands are hot coming in and there are now literally thousands of sets to choose from. Our store focuses mainly on the harder to find set mixed in with some fun ones but don't forget I always encourage you guys to let us know what you'd like to see on the store and we will try our best to add them.

If you don't see a specific set or an older set that just means it's been discontinued and we no longer carry it. 

As for the youtube channel, i'ts stronger than ever.  I've started to do short reviews to get more fresh and quick videos out so be sure to check them out here!

Enjoy for now and stay tuned...maybe I'll have another blog post soon! 

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